Fishing Floats

There are several kinds of fishing floats

1. Itinerary floats

Advantages: long tail, easy to observe underwater.

Disadvantages: bulky and inconvenient to operate.

2. Bottom fishing float

Advantages: stable signal, high fish rate.

Disadvantages: The tail is short and it is not convenient to observe underwater.

3. Floating and fishing

Advantages: When the fish floats, fishing floats is the only option.

Disadvantages: Not suitable for deep-water fishing.

What is the clear color of the fish float

The orange and yellow fish floats are clearest in the water. There are many colors of the fish floats, and there are many opportunities to choose from. Each color has its own characteristics. The usage rate of the orange and yellow fish float is the highest among several colors, but it has a disadvantage that it will fade easily if used frequently.

The colors of the fishing floats are very rich. There are red and green, red and yellow, and orange and yellow. Each color has its own characteristics. If you are fishing, you can choose your favorite color or according to the surrounding environment of the fishing spot. Choose a more eye-catching color.

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