Fishing in Summer

Summer is the season of thunderstorms, is the season of growth of all things, is also a good season for fishing, in the scorching summer, the fish are more lively, many people choose to go fishing, in order to be happy to go fishing, go home happily, we should pay attention to the following points.

Fishing ground should be near rather than far

The summer temperature is very high, the weather is hot, some fishing grounds are too far and need to walk to choose.

Because long distance walking is easy to consume physical energy, so the choice of fishing ground should be near rather than far, the most important thing is that it is convenient to walk, it is best to ride a bike or drive to reach.

Carry an umbrella against the weather

Summer is a rainy season, the weather changeable, so it is best to prepare the umbrella raincoat when fishing field, so that the sudden wind and rain weather can also be avoided in time.

If possible, have a sunshade umbrella that can be used for both purposes so that you can fish in light and light rain.

Don't go fishing alone

In the hot summer, the temperature is very high, so we need to travel with a companion, so that we can take care of the unexpected situation immediately.

Especially if you get bitten by a snake or a bug or your car breaks down on the way.

Be careful when diving into water to save the line

In close games, generally fishing have to choose between two periods in the morning and evening go out fishing, if hang hang line on the bottom of what happened at this time, the fishing carefully into the water, if stepped on slippery stone or deeper potholes fell into the water not good, especially in the morning and night fishing, the two stage water temperature is very low, very susceptible to cold.

Carry the fish guard firmly

Many fishing friends go fishing for convenience with small fish protection, but do not know the summer fish activity is very strong, it is easy to consume oxygen.

If a fish guard is used in a small space, it will restrict the space for the fish to move, thus smother the fish to death.

Go home and rest immediately

The summer climate conditions and fishing environment is not very good, the temperature is too high, if the fishing friends out of the fishing time is too long, it is easy to damage the mind, harm to health. Especially in summer morning to noon, if the sun is exposed to the sun, it is easy to cause sunburn, or heat stroke.

In summer, fishing friends from the evening to the early morning will also be infected with wind chill because of the sudden drop in temperature, and long time fishing is easy to fatigue, and it is difficult to deal with things on the way back in time. Therefore, anglers must pay attention to their own safety and take preventive measures.

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