Fishing Inflatable Boat

Which kind of fishing inflatable boat is good

1. Fishing in the sea

Inflatable boat with inflatable boat. The ocean is the most dangerous water area with high winds and high waves, so it is very important to the safety of the ship. The big waves can overturn the boat, so the boat must have a certain ability to resist wind and waves. I recommend using an inflatable assault boat for fishing in the sea. The assault boat has a thick buoy and a V-shaped inflatable keel, which will make the boat more stable. The boat shook so badly that it capsized. The other is the material. The thickness of the assault boat is 0.9-1.2, and reinforced polyester fiber fabric is added inside to prevent damage to the reef and air leakage. The assault boat can also be equipped with a larger power thruster, which can only be quickly transferred in an emergency.

2. Fishing in complex waters such as large rivers

Assault boats are recommended for inflatable boats used for fishing in this type of waters. Although large rivers are not like oceans with high winds and waves, they will also produce huge waves when large ships pass by, so the stability of the boat is also very important. Complicated waters refer to waters where there are many rocks, thorns and stakes. Ordinary inflatable boats are easily pierced by these. Only assault boats are not afraid of being pierced.

3. Fishing in reservoirs and lakes

This type of water is calm, there are no strong winds and waves, and the stability of the boat is not strict. We can choose a net inflatable boat. The material thickness of the net boat is generally about 0.7mm. It is a medium type of pleasure boat. It is comfortable to ride and weighs more than ten kilograms. It is an ideal product for long-distance travel.

Inflatable boat repair method

1. First find out the air leakage point on the hull, and evenly spread the hull with a rag and soapy water while inflating, air bubbles will appear in the air leakage part. According to this clue, we can find the air leakage point.

2. Clean the stains around the leak with alcohol, and then dry it with a towel. Make sure that the area around the leak is clean and dry.

3. Use the special glue and patch provided with the ship, and cut the patch according to the area of ​​the air leakage point, paying attention to a circle larger than the air leakage point.

4. After cutting the patch, apply glue evenly on the patch and around the air leak with a brush. Wait about 3-4 minutes before applying it again, and apply it twice in total.

5. Glue the patch to the air leakage point, blow it with a hair dryer to the hot air state, and then compact it with a smooth object. It can be used after leaving it for 8 hours.

6. After the inflatable boat is repaired, the boat should be filled with air and left for more than two hours before use.

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