Fishing Sinker

Changes caused by changing the shape of the plumb

Flake lead sinker

Use sea poles to fish in places with turbulent rocks such as reservoirs, such as common turtle-shaped lead sinkers, which are prone to bottoming. You can use large and thin sheet-shaped lead sinkers, commonly known as "chip sinkers". This kind of flake lead sinker is easy to float under the traction of the fishing line, and it is not easy to get stuck in the cracks of the stone, so it will not cause tripping.

Rod plumb

In order to avoid the trouble of hanging the bottom of the lead sinker, some fishermen use a rod-shaped lead sinker, commonly known as "stick sinker", which is actually a thin rod-shaped lead rod. The design intent of the stick drop is that when the underwater rock catches the stick drop, the angler pulls the fishing line vigorously. The smooth stick drop can often get out of the fetters, but if it gets stuck in the cracks of larger stones, it will be difficult. Pull the fishing line out of the crevice.

Drop plumb

When fishing in deep or far waters, the angler hopes that the lead sinker will sink quickly. In addition to increasing the weight of the sinker, another way is to change the shape of the sinker, such as using a drop-shaped lead sinker, commonly known as a "drop drop". This kind of lead sinker is not only small in size, but also has the least resistance in the water, which can fully accelerate the sinking.

Changes caused by changing the position of the plumb on the fishing rig

When we usually fish with a rod, we always use a hook-and-drop rig, that is, the hook is down and the lead is down. When fishing with a sea rod, always use a fishing set with the hook falling, that is, the hook is on the top and the lead is on the bottom. Everyone is familiar with the fishing set whether it is "hook up and down" or "hook down and down". If in some special fishing environments, we can use abnormal assembly methods, such as not attaching the lead sinker of the hand pole to the hook, but attaching another sinking line to install the lead sinker under the hook This is the "hook and drop" fishing set commonly known in hand-rod fishing.

What is the function of the "hook down" rig for hand-rod fishing?

In places where underwater grass is overgrown, silt or thick humus, and densely covered with gravel, the hook bait is easily covered by underwater debris, or the hook bait falls into the gravel pile. In this case, it is difficult to find fish. If you are fishing bait, naturally there is no fish bite. However, if you put the sinker under the hook and leave a suitable length of the sinking line as the case may be, then after the hook is lowered, the sinker sinks into the submerged layer under the water, but the bait can be exposed on it, and the fish is easy to find, so increase The opportunity to fish.

The ordinary string hook we use is a "sink at one end" type of fishing set, which means that it falls in front, hooks behind, and after being thrown into the bottom. Due to the tightness of the fishing line, the string hook is slanted into the bottom of the water under the traction of the fishing line. Hanging hooks cannot touch the bottom, which has a great impact on the fishing of carp, crucian and other bottom-dwelling fish. If you want to increase the catch rate, you must try to get all the string hooks to the bottom. Then, we can use the "double sinker string hook" fishing set by adding a lead sinker.

What is the function of the "double sinker hook" fishing set?

"Double pendant string hook" is when using ordinary string hooks, now add a live pendant to the main line, and then connect it with the string hook, so that there are lead sinkers on the front and back of the hook set. In this case, the "double pendant string hook" fishing After the two lead sinkers are in the water, they both bottom out, and the string hook group between the two lead sinkers is pressed to the bottom of the water, which is conducive to the biting of benthic fishes. Such double sinkers are light and flexible. Affect the sensitive response of fish after biting.

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