Hard bait fishing group
1. Lead head hook fishing group (JIGS)

Applicable site: mostly used in fresh water and a few used in sea water, suitable for the water area with more obstacles, reef water area, pebble water area, trees, water and grass area.

Suggested equipment: It is recommended to use a droplet wheel, a hard or hard-modulated rod in the middle, a 15-25 lb. pull line, braided line is preferred.

Fishing group composition: busbar + rubber skirt pendulum + additional spiral tail maggot or pigskin soft bait.

The feature of this fishing group is that there are ornaments like beard and curly hair on the part of the skirt, and the hooks are hidden inside the skirt, soft baits or pigskin soft baits can be added on the hooks, or some odors can be added on the soft baits to increase the effect of attracting fish. This fishing group has a fatal attraction for large-mouth sea bass.

2. Spinnerbaits

Application: mostly in fresh water and a few in sea water, in water with weeds and fallen wood, moving slowly over these aquatic plants, or in shallow water and moving slowly on the bottom.

Suggested equipment: It is recommended to use a drop wheel, middle or middle hard rod, 8-20 pound pull line.

Fishing group composition: bus + compound rotating sequins.

The shape is similar to the rubber pendulum, but the difference lies in the metal sheet attached on the front wire. The shape of the metal sheet can be willow leaf type or water drop type. When the angler slowly pulls the group, the metal sheet will start to rotate to produce reflection to attract the attention of the target fish.

3. Topwater Baits

Suitable site: both fresh water and sea water fishing, suitable for open water, over aquatic grass and other similar waters.

Suggested equipment: spinning wheel or drop wheel, middle or middle hard rod, 8-20 lb. pull line.

Fishing group composition: bus + table waterway.

As the name implies, the surface water is specially used in the surface of the water. This type of water will usually float up when it is thrown into the water. It will move forward through the action of the angler's drawing rod and reel line, and generate spray to attract the attack of the object fish by colliding with the water table through the bowl-shaped design in front. Moves of movement can be divided into "straight" movement and "zigzag" movement according to the design of Luya's counterweight.

Also very popular in southeast Asia countries, ray Frog fishing method (Frog) is a kind of water table and, ray Frog hook hidden behind and hook pointed up, because the thunder Frog object locking species of snakehead or called the snakehead fish (Snake Head), its behavior mainly living on the water grass waiting game against prey, hook, pointed up the effect of waterproof grass 纒 around, To catch snakehead must use a very hard adjustment of the fishing rod and the cast type drum wheel, the rod must be very fast and fierce to put the hook into the mouth, is a very hot Luya fishing method.

4. Jerk Baits

Suitable site: both fresh water and sea fishing, best used in clear water, over flat grass areas, along the coast or over a variety of terrain, luya swimming layer is about 2 to 6 feet.

Suggested equipment: spinning wheel or droplet wheel, middle soft or intermediate tonal rod, 8-14 lb. pull line.

Fishing group composition: bus + fish - type road ya.

Jerkbaits mainly use the twitch pole to make the fish in the water appear the swimming posture of a small fish and then lure the target fish to attack. Some fish fish are designed with a tongue plate in front of them. Under the action of the tongue plate and water resistance, the bait swinging effect is more natural. There are two main types of pole pulling: fast or slow and pause. Readers can try different frequency of rod pulling to find the right way to handle the fish that day.

5. Crankbaits

Applicable site: both fresh water and sea water fishing method is applicable, flat shallow water, rock area, mud, over the water for fishing.

Suggestions: suitable for Luya special wheel, longer rod can cast farther, rod toning is better with medium adjustment, 6-20 pound nylon line is better.

Fishing group composition: bus + mud-stirring road.

It is mainly through the front tongue plate of Luya to stir up the bottom mud to create a fog-like effect, to attract the object fish attack, Luya into the water after the depth of the swimming layer according to the length of the tongue plate. Tongue plate long deep swimming layer, short is vice versa; The tongue plate swings slowly as it is wide, and vice versa.

6. Jigging in Saltwater

Applicable site: open water with sea fishing as the main method.

Suggested equipment: metal spinning wheel or drum wheel with small volume and large line capacity; length of fishing rod: drum wheel type 5-6 feet; Spinning wheel 5.5-7 '. Tonal part. The top of the fishing rod must show a perfect parabola. Carbon fiber or glass fiber rod can be used for light weight. It is recommended to use braided bus with carbon fiber lead.

Fishing group composition: bus + sub line + auxiliary hook ring + hook + road sub ring + iron plate.

There are two ways to operate the rod: at a certain point in the water, repeat the action of the rod up and down but do not rotate the fishing wheel, or the rod up, and then rotate the fishing wheel down the repeated action, through the iron plate moving up and down in the water generated by the reflective effect to attract the attention of the object fish, the weight of the iron plate according to the fishing field and fish species. Generally speaking, the action of short iron plate is more compact; The long iron plate moves larger and longer.

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