How to install lights for the aquarium

Illumination notice

1. Do not use contaminated glass covers.

2. Don't switch the lights suddenly, otherwise it will scare the fish. When turning off the lights, turn off the aquarium lighting first, and then turn off the indoor lighting. When turning on the lights, turn on the indoor lights first, and then turn on the lights of the aquarium.

3. Use waterproof lamps and wiring terminals.

4. Do not install the lighting lamp in the water.

5. The lampshade should have vent holes.

To achieve the best light effect, the lighting should be directly irradiated to the aquarium as much as possible. The aquarium cover not only prevents dust from falling into the aquarium, it is also an ideal location for installing lights.

Improve lighting effect

When the box cover has a reflective effect, the lighting effect will be more ideal, just paint the inner wall of the box cover white. But you must not use tin foil as a lining. The tin foil will block the special ventilation holes on the box cover, which will not be conducive to the emission of carbon dioxide and the heat of the light.

The installation position of the light

The lighting lamp should be installed in the box cover so that the light source illuminates from top to bottom to achieve a shadowless effect. The lighting lamp installed in the water is easier to cause obstructive shadows.

Box cover with fluorescent lamp

Choose the lamp tube that is suitable for the length of the box cover. If there are difficulties, you can use two shorter tubes. Fluorescent lamp wiring terminals need to be equipped with waterproof caps to avoid being corroded by water splashes. Although its price is more expensive than incandescent bulbs, it has a long service life, generates heat and emits even light.

Installation location of the starter

When using fluorescent lamps, a choke coil or transformer is required. Different from daily fluorescent lamps, this device is a non-built-in split structure, and is often installed on the compartment of the enclosure, the enclosure, or beside the aquarium. However, due to the heavy weight of the device, it is not conducive to the balance of the box cover when it is installed in or on the box cover. Be careful when opening the hood, otherwise the starter will fall and break the glass plate if you are not careful. If you plan to use more fluorescent tubes, the starting device is not suitable to be installed on the box cover.

Safety factor

Electricity and water are incompatible, and the aquarium cannot avoid this problem, so you need to pay extra attention. The lighting lamp is installed close to the water surface, and the water splashed by fish, bubble stones or filters often falls on the hot lamp tube, which may cause an explosion. Waterproof lamps should be selected to prevent the erosion of the feed water, and a glass cover should be added to the aquarium to separate the feed water from the reflector cover. The glass aquarium has only one narrow side for placing the glass cover, so the glass cover can be divided into two pieces. When feeding or daily management, just move one of them. In addition, one corner of the glass plate should be cut off. , As a channel for air pipes and filter water pipes.

The effect of light on the growth of algae

Usually, the aquarium has insufficient light. If the light can be enhanced, the effect must be better. Of course, the growth of algae must be controlled. The longer the light, the faster the growth of algae, but the growth of algae requires certain conditions. After meeting the light demand of the aquatic plants, the excess part will spread the algae. Most fish farmers reduce the intensity of light or reduce the duration of light to inhibit the growth of algae. A more effective method is to use a variety of aquatic plants to make full use of light, thereby limiting the amount of light provided by the algae.

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