The Types of Fishing Lines

Based on buoyancy characteristics:

Floating lines are usually in bright colors, such as yellow, grass green, orange, etc. In a fly-fishing primer, this is the first choice because it floats completely on the water and is relatively easy to control. As you get used to it, gradually expand to other types of lines.

Sink Line, full water Line, usually dark in color, such as dark brown or black. There are many types of waterline, mainly due to the different speed of the water (XX feet/SEC), including moderate waterline, fast waterline, overspeed waterline, etc.

Sink Tip Floating Line is a combination of the above two, the main body is full floating line, the front end has a submerged waterline(there are also submerged speed specifications), the submerged waterline part is about 3-5 meters.

Based on shape and function:

Fly fishing lines are designed to be oddly shaped for easy casting. Generally, it is not a line of uniform thickness, but a line with varying diameter and weight. The purpose of the design is to facilitate flying far, to facilitate stretching and to facilitate smooth line entry.

Weight Forward design, that is, the front end of the fly line (line and core) is heavy. The shape is also tapered, which is the most common type;

A Rocket Tip is shaped like a Rocket.

Shooting Tip: a very short piece of fly fishing line connected directly behind the spare line for long distance casting;

Double Taper gradient line, fly-fishing line is thick at one end and tapers forward and backward;

Level is exactly the same diameter line;

The nominal name of a flying wire can reflect its type. For example, the WF5F line is the Weight Forward, #5, Floating line; WF7F/S is the Weight forward, #7, front submerged floating line, etc. There are many types, such as self-lubricating lines in new technologies.

Good fly wire is soft and not easy to produce memory effect; Wear resistant outer coating; Uniform thickness change, long life and so on.

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