What do you need to prepare for sea fishing

1. Fishing suit

It's a special coat for fishing friends. Bright colors and clear goals. It has the functions of heat preservation, ventilation, windproof and rainproof.

2. Fishing vest

The front, back, inner and outer pockets are well sealed and can be used for storing small accessories and valuables. If conditions permit, it is best to choose a vest with life-saving function to deal with the accident and ensure life safety.

3. Fishing cap

The brim of the hat is lengthened and widened, and there is a detachable curtain behind the head. The lock catch can prevent it from being blown away by the wind. Some summer clothes also use mesh, which can keep warm, prevent rain, ventilate and block strong sunlight.

4. Fishing gloves

It is used to protect the skin on the back of the hand from strong light, to protect the palm and fingers from being cut by the fishing line when pulling and swinging the line, and to protect the palm and fingers from being hurt by the fins when unhooking.

5. Polarizer

It can change the irradiation angle of light, filter out harmful light beams, protect eyesight from strong ultraviolet radiation, and facilitate timely detection of fish and observation of fish signals.

6. Sailor's knife

It can be used to cut food, bait and fishing line. It can also be used for lifesaving and self-defense. It is an indispensable auxiliary tool in the process of fishing.

7. Hook extractor

The hook extractor is an auxiliary fishing tool. Used to help remove the hook from the mouth of a caught fish. They are made of wood, bamboo, plastic and metal, and can be divided into large, medium and small types.

8. Network reading

Net reading is a small net fishing gear, which is composed of net bag, frame and handle. Besides fishing, it is also a good tool for catching squid. In the evening, squid are attracted by lights because they have strong phototaxis, so they will concentrate near the hull. When they are stable, they can be caught by hand net, and the harvest will be especially abundant.

9. Shrimp small oxygen pump

Some sea fish like to eat live bait, and live shrimp is a common live bait. Small oxygen pump can make shrimp live longer.

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