What present do you prepare when your kids go back to school ? Kids Smartwatch !

It is good news that kids are back to school on September. What presents will you choose for their new semester? There is no better choice than kids smartwatch.

Why it is the best kids present? Because when our kids are out of sight, this kind of kids GPS watch will give all the parents a peace of mood no matter where your kid is. You know his GPS location by app. You can freely communicate with him by calling, sms, voice message anytime. Your kid is able to send SOS command when he is in harassment or lost his way home. The Kids GPS tracker will become a safety guard when the parents are away at that moment.

There is another question, how to select the right kids smartwatch? First of all, I will tell you what makes differences between kids GPS watch.

  1. The material of watch band
  • Leather band
  • Silica gel band
  1. The optional location mode
  • LBS
  1. Complicated setting issues you may face.
  • How to set the watch?
  • App is offline
  • GPS is inaccurate
  • How to share app on different smartphones?
  • How to switch app account for more than two kids tracker watch?
  • How to shut down the watch?
  • How to use step counting function?
  • Why time on the watch is inaccurate?
  • Why I can't add phone number to the phone book of the watch?
  • How to set SOS number to the watch and how does it work?
  • Any other questions you may face.
  1. What kind of SIM card will be workable on the kids tracker watch? Does the watch workable all over the world?
  • GSM Network
  • 2G Digital service is included in 3G or 4G SIM card
  • It doesn't work in Canada, Australia, South Korea, Singapore
  • It works with particular GSM SIM card in US
  1. Is the tracker watch for kids waterproof? What's the differences from different waterproof levels.
  • Not waterproof at all
  • IP67
  • IP68
  1. What makes the price different?
  • Waterproof level
  • Location Mode
  • Appearance
  • Battery Capacity
  • Customer Service

Since the kids tracker watch is more and more popular all over the world. Is there any innovation on the GPS watch? Absolutely! We are developing the technology in two directions. One is the SIM card extensive compatible. The 3G compatible watch is available, but 4G compatible is still in technical test. The other direction is the breakthrough on waterproof level. IP67 waterproof kids watch is in mass production now. It means that the kids can wear the watch in swimming.

To learn more about GPS Watch and choose one for your kids, please visit www.lvwxyz.com


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