Choosing a good fishing position

Choosing a good fishing position is really important for fishing. When you go fishing in a place, you should first observe where the fishing point is best.

Generally speaking, you should choose the path where fish like to inhabit, play and often swim, that is, the so-called "fishway". Fish gather in different waters in different places. At the same time, fishing points should be selected according to season, time, climate and fish species.

Select fishing points according to season change

With the alternation of climate throughout the year, fishing spots should change accordingly. However, the change of climate in the four seasons is a gradual process, which will not change suddenly in a day or two, so the selection point should be based on the actual situation. For example, the climate characteristics in early spring are similar to those in late winter. The fishing point should be selected according to the fishing proverb of "fishing deep in winter". The practice of "spring fishing beach" should not be mechanically applied. The fishing point should be selected at a deeper or deeper depth; In mid spring or late spring, the weather is warm, and all fish species are away from the deep in the daytime, shallow nearshore foraging and spawning. At this time, we should choose the fishing point in the shallow and nearshore, and focus on catching a variety of fish.

Select fishing points according to weather changes

Different weather not only affects the feeding of fish, but also changes the waters where they inhabit. Fishing often encounter such problems: in the middle of spring or autumn, the first day is warm and sunny. Fishing at a certain fishing point has a good harvest; The next day the weather becomes overcast or drizzle, and the temperature is lower. Go fishing at the same fishing point and get little harvest. One of the main reasons is that fish swim to its suitable deep water because of the cold. Those who are good at fishing will abandon the shallow and go deep, and the fishing will not be reduced the day before.

Select fishing points according to the terrain of the water area

When choosing a fishing point, you must see the terrain on the shore of the water area in order to choose a good fishing point. For example, the tip of the peninsula is the only way for fish to swim up and down and enter both sides, so it is generally considered to be a good fishing point. But in midsummer and winter, there may be no harvest here. Because it is mostly at the bottom of sediment or gravel, and the water is also shallow. In midsummer, the hot sun roasts the water temperature very high; In the middle of winter, the cold wind makes the water colder and food scarce. In these two seasons, fish live and inhabit in the depths and will not move and forage here, so it is not suitable to choose fishing points here.

Select fishing points according to food sources

The water area with a lot of food is undoubtedly the place where the pond owner puts feed to the fish. This is a good fishing point. Different from the surrounding environment in natural waters, it is easy to gather food, so it is also a good fishing point. However, it is not easy to catch crucian carp in the place where forage is put, because there are many big grass carp and big carp here. Crucian carp don't dare to come, but when fishing outside, crucian carp bite frequently.

Select fishing points according to underwater geology

Not only the underwater geology of reservoirs, lakes and large ponds is different, but also the geology of the same water area is different everywhere. Some sections are soil, some sections are sediment, and some sections are gravel. These sections are suitable for different fish species to live, and fishing should be selected in their suitable sections according to the fish species they want to catch. The mud bottom section has fertile soil and many aquatic organisms. Many kinds of fish like to gather here. For example, fishing for carp, this is a good place to choose a site, because carp have the habit of arching mud for food, and often move and inhabit here. The sand and gravel section is barren, the water is thin and clear, there are few aquatic organisms and poor fish gathering ability, so it is generally not suitable to select a site here.

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