Fishing Places

Do you know the most beautiful fishing place in the world? Do you know any other places in the world with many fish and amazing scenery? If you have the opportunity to get close to them during your travels, don't miss this opportunity to find out.

1. Lizard Island, Australia.
This mainland island is dry and mountainous, and there are more than 20 nearly perfect beaches. September and October are the golden times for this fishing spot, where you can catch rare black marlin.

2. Currane Lake, Ireland. At the beginning of spring, you can fish for salmon while admiring the picturesque scenery along the west coast of Ireland.

3. Umbagog National Wildlife Sanctuary. At this fishing spot in northern New England, you can catch smallmouth bass and bass, which is a good place for lure.

4. Alfang Island, Seychelles. The environment is beautiful and there are many barracudas here. You can try your luck.

5. Onba River, Russia. Adventurous fishing friends can come here to fish for salmon. There are often brown bears here. Fish and bear paws are not available at the same time. I don't know which one do you prefer?

6. Jerome Lake, Alaska. You can catch salmon and rainbow trout in this pristine and pristine lake.

7. Cowen National Wildlife Refuge, Kansas. It is famous for hunting waterbirds, but it is also rich in fish resources. The fishing limit is 50 per day. I wonder if 50 will be enough?

8. Rio Colorado, Costa Rica. A large area of ​​thick snow melts to provide water, and flows to the southwest, opening up a 2,330-kilometer meandering waterway. There are endless fishermen who come here. If you open a fishing tackle shop here, you will surely become a billionaire.

9. Christmas Island. This island is located 1,000 miles south of Hawaii. Most of it is covered by tropical rainforest. Animals include a large number of seabirds, small reptiles, ground crabs and insects. You can catch spitfish here.

10. Amazon River, Brazil. Known as the "King of the River". Here contains the world's most abundant and diverse biological resources, with as many as millions of species. There are notorious piranhas here, but you must use anti-bite fishing lines to go fishing.

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