The influence of the fishing line and the hook on fishing

When fishing, we need to choose how big the hook and how thick the strands are. We need to choose carefully. If the hooks and lines are not matched, if there is a fish bite, especially a big fish, it will be easy to run away.

Many anglers like to use thin lines and small hooks. They think that the use of thin lines and small hooks will make the fishing rig more sensitive, and at the same time it can catch all kinds of fishes, so they use this set of fishing rigs no matter where they are or in any season. This operation is indeed labor-saving, but it is often prone to problems.

This method is not advisable. We should learn to be flexible when choosing fish hooks and fishing lines, and choose the appropriate hook and fishing line models according to the fishing environment and target fish situation at that time.

The strands and hooks will contact the fish at close range. If we use thin wires and small hooks, it does have the characteristics of good concealment and high sensitivity, but after the fish bites the hook, even a small fish is easy to struggle in the process Damage to the fishing line, knotting or deformation of the fishing line, if it encounters a slightly larger fish or the hook is hung to an obstacle, then I am afraid that a set of strands and hooks will be lost, which will not only delay time, but also Affect mood.

Let's talk about the use of strands and hooks.

Do what you can and choose a fishing line that is cost-effective for you
Fishing is a broad-spectrum activity, from children to the elderly can participate. There are also many kinds of fishing tackle. There are thousands of fishing rods and dozens of yuan for fishing rods. There are hundreds of fishing lines and a few yuan for a plate. When choosing fishing tackle, you should do according to your own economic strength.

Anglers with better financial strength will prepare a few more strands when they are out fishing, and they will be replaced in time when they encounter deformation of the strands. However, for more leisure enthusiasts, the replacement of strands due to improper operation is true. It is annoying.

Most fishing enthusiasts like to fish in natural waters where there is no charge. In the complex natural water environment, fish species and sizes are different, and there are often disconnected lines or hooks hanging on obstacles.

Faced with this situation, we can't just pursue thin lines and small hooks. To master the degree, the fishing line used cannot be too thick or too thin. In addition to fishing in winter, thin lines and small hooks are needed for the lightness of the fish. In other seasons, you can choose to use the main line of about 1.5 and match the sub-line of 0.8-1. The strands used must be soft, too hard strands will affect the fish sucking bait. The hook used should also be slightly larger, you can choose Izu No. 7 or Maruse No. 6, and it won’t get out of the hook when you encounter a big fish.

Sensitivity is suitable, don’t pursue sensitivity too much
Sensitivity is very important. It is directly related to the timing of lifting the rod. Whether the fishing set is sensitive or not is the result of the combined effects of floats, plumbing, fishing lines and hooks.

When we match the fishing rig, in winter, the fish has a stiff body, small openings, and light mouthfuls, which require the use of thin lines and small hooks. But in the other three seasons, especially in summer and autumn, the fish are active, powerful and bitter. When we choose a fishing rig, we must consider the endurance of the fishing line and the hook, and we can’t just pursue sensitivity.

Different seasons, the choice of strands and hooks are different.

It is very suitable for fishing in late spring, summer and autumn, and the fish are active, and you can also encounter big fish. So during this time we went fishing outdoors. It would be great if the fishing set is well matched, the sensitivity is suitable and there is no disconnection and running fish. When the temperature drops in winter, most fish stop foraging. Only the small carp will still move, but the bait is also very light, so you can only choose to use thin wires and small hooks. At this time, you can choose to use the No. 1 main line. 0.6 sub-line.

If the line is too thin and the hook is too small, it will break the line and run the fish. If the line is too large, it will affect the fish’s bite and sensitivity. Therefore, when we choose the fishing line and hook model, we must know the life habits of the fish in each season. Have a good idea and match flexibly so that you can catch a good fish.

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