Hailuya's fishing tackle and equipment

One, fish wheel

1. Drum wheel: In order to challenge the fast swimming and large predatory fish, most of the fish reels use double-axle drum reels. The main requirement is that the brake washers have a larger braking area. It can produce a large braking force, which is more stable and smooth during the exiting process of the fish, which effectively avoids the problem of disconnection due to brake setbacks. The powerful braking force can also effectively contain the range of the target fish, and block the break due to friction. Possibility of the line. The characteristic of the double-axis reel is that the release angle of the fishing line is parallel to the fishing rod, so the resistance is very small, which can easily make the artificial bait quickly drop to the fishing point, and the touch of the artificial bait bottoming is also quite obvious, which can be effectively avoided Opportunity to hang the bottom. Two-stage high/low speed ratio structure design. In the process of winding up, whether it is a large and fast winding in the mimicry of a bait, or a high-torque low-speed gear ratio when fighting with a fish, it can meet the needs of the iron plate road. The demand for fishing operation.

2. Spinning wheels: The early requirements for spinning wheels mostly emphasized lightweight and convenient operation, and did not emphasize strength and braking power. Plastic steel reels are not suitable for strength-critical boat fishing and iron plate fishing methods. . With the advancement of material applications, spinning wheels have gradually introduced new ones. The rigid metal material is used as the main structure. The braking force has also been improved through structural improvements, such as the Okuma DFD (Dual Force Drag) powerful dual-brake structure, which changes the traditional unilateral compression. The way to force the brake group is changed to the double-sided clamping design of the brake group, which greatly increases the braking force value and the stability of the reel's outgoing movement. On the basis of the convenient operation of the spinning wheel, there are quite a lot of fishing friends. The spinning wheel is applied to the fishing method of boat fishing Teppan Luya.

Two, fishing rod

1. Straight shank rod: The choice of boat fishing teppanyaki fishing rod can correspond to the type of fishing reel. The reel seat of the straight shank rod is suitable for matching with spinning wheel type fishing reel. Most of the reel seat part discards the piece type or plate type which is convenient for loading and unloading. The fishing reel seat adopts a screw-tooth-shaped tubular wheel seat that pays attention to strength, sturdiness and durability. In the face of large target fish and fierce pulling force, the close connection between the fishing reel and the fishing rod is even more important. The configuration of the guide ring also emphasizes the requirement of strength. The position of the spinning wheel throwing line is far from the foot of the fishing rod. Therefore, the high-foot guide ring is used to make the angle of the line parallel to the fishing rod to reduce resistance. The guide ring styles mostly use anti-wrapping guide rings. Avoid the busbar of the braided wire from being entangled on the guide ring bracket.

2. Gun handle rod: the fishing reel with the handle rod is not a drum-type double shaft fishing reel. The handle rod is named after the reel seat resembles the shape of a gun handle. It can provide the main support for the double shaft fishing reel to stay above the fishing rod. , To achieve the effect that the fishing reel does not deviate from side to side. Due to the heavy weight of the double-axis fishing reel, the forward tilt of the center of gravity is also obvious. The user can buckle the handle of the gun with the fingertips to prevent the fishing reel from sliding forward. Compared with spinning-wheel fishing reels, the feet of double-axle fishing reels are lower. Therefore, the height of the guide ring must be matched with the fishing reel to reduce the turning angle of the exiting direction. The low-foot guide ring is used to maintain the smooth exit of the line. The guide ring style is also straight. The handle rod adopts the anti-wrap guide ring to strengthen the anti-wrap effect of the bus bar take-up and pay-off.

3. Fishing line:

The target fish of Teppanluja fishing by boat is very different from fishing freshwater fish species in the strength and body strength test. Many marine fish species even have sharp teeth. In response to this demand, the fishing line used by boat fishing Teppanluya can be divided into three parts, the bus bar, the front wire, and the auxiliary hook line.

1. Busbar: The use of braided wire as a busbar is a necessary condition for the Tieban Luya fishing method. Braided wire with high tensile value is enough to contend with the fierce target fish. In response to the strong current of the fishing environment and the depth of the wide fishing shed, the eight-strand braided wire can achieve a high roundness, provide good water cutting physical characteristics of the fishing line, and have less friction with the fishing rod guide ring. Therefore, the line The roundness of the diameter cross-section will greatly affect the efficiency of the iron plate artificial lure hanging and knocking the bottom, increasing the chance of searching and fishing the bait. The professional teppanyaki braided thread will use the dyeing of the section in the color. During the fishing process, it provides the angler to record the depth of the fishing shed and the depth of the fish bait. You can also know the distance to the target fish when you are fighting. , Can accurately pinch the range of the fish.

2. Front wire: carbon fiber wire is mostly used. The carbon fiber wire is harder, has a strong tensile force and is not easy to curl. The color is mostly translucent, which effectively reduces the alertness of the target fish. The combination of the fishing rig with the natural sea environment is more authentic, and it is not easy to be entangled with the iron lure. The slight ductility provides the instant cushioning elasticity of the fish, avoiding the situation where the fish’s mouth is torn due to the hard hitting and breaking of the wire or the joint pulling force of the fish’s mouth. The surface characteristics of abrasion resistance virtually adds a layer of protection when searching for the punctuation of the reef terrain.

3. Auxiliary hook line: The auxiliary hook line connects the hook and the auxiliary hook ring in the fishing set. It is also the position closest to the fish mouth in the line system. It plays the role of anti-bite line. It is usually made of composite materials of Nylon and Polyarylate. , So it has outstanding abrasion resistance and tensile strength, and is most suitable for catching all kinds of predatory fish species.

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