Several common misoperation methods of sea pole

When operating a fishing rod, there are many techniques to be particular about, otherwise it will have a bad impact on the fishing process of the anglers. Therefore, the author has sorted out some misuses of sea rod fishing for the reference of fishermen. I hope that the fishermen will pay more attention to them in the process of fishing.

1. Throwing the pole without opening the spool ring

When throwing a rod, I don’t remember to open the line ring. Many novices just get to the fishing position and are so excited. They just throw the rod when they hang the fish, but forget the line ring. Naturally, they can’t throw the bait.

2. Take up the line without taking bells

The importance of bells in fishing is not obvious. Some fishermen don't like this gadget at all. It is troublesome. In the actual fishing process, the first thing to do is to remove the bell after the line is re-throwing. Otherwise, the bell and the fishing line will shake each other during the process of throwing the rod, and it will be easy to get entangled.

3. Brute force to pull the fish

Speaking of brute force pulling a fish, this is really not just a mistake made by novices, some old anglers will also call it "habit" or "hobby", often brute force pulling the rod. It is true that sea rods can withstand much higher than other fishing rods, but brute force operation of fishing rods, for fish that have been hooked, it is easy to pull the mouth or break the fishing line, which is greatly worthless.

4. The included angle is not accurate

When fishing, the angle between the fishing rod and the ground is very important. On the one hand, it affects the use of the angler's power. If the angle is too large or too small, it will interfere with the strength and convenience of the fishing rod; on the other hand, the fishing rod itself is affected by the strength and convenience of the fishing rod. The force point will change. The greater the angle, the more forward the force point, the more uneven the force that the fishing rod will bear, and the greater the chance of breaking the rod.

5. The sea pole array is not arranged properly

In fishing activities, there are many situations in which multiple fishing rods are used for fishing. Old anglers may also be irregularly placed, so they can be placed casually, and placed there easily. Novices can definitely not learn from them. This is the same as driving. Novices should drive according to the rules taught by the driving school, and veterans can naturally feel free to drive. The sea rods are neatly arranged, which is much more convenient to use, and will not let the angler miss the opportunity.

6. When throwing, the fishing line is slightly wrapped around the rod

The direct consequence of this situation is that the wire is broken, or the rod is slightly broken. This is because the force of the fishing rod itself is uneven, the force of the fishing rod is unbalanced, and the fishing line is stretched and broken. In response to this problem, you can gently pull the fishing line when throwing to check whether the pendant is active. Similar to this, there is also winding and throwing a wire to guide the eye.

7. Do not adjust the drag force of the reel after throwing the rod

The importance of the reel to the sea rod is relative to the significance of the engine to the car. A large part of the pros and cons of the fishing rod is on the reel. The drag force is not tight, and when encountering big fish, it is easy to be in a hurry, or even directly disconnect. On the other hand, if the drag force is too loose, the fishing line will not be tight enough, the hook will not easily penetrate into the fish's mouth, and the rod will be slightly insensitive, making it easy to run off the fish.

8. Throwing a pole too eagerly

Throwing the rod too quickly, the bait and the fall are still swaying. The direct consequence of this situation is the inaccurate landing point, and the indirect consequence is that it is easy to entangle the line and run off the line when catching the fish, or to tie the line. Either way, it is enough to interfere with the results of fishing, so it is the attitude that anglers should have if they wait for a minute instead of rushing for a second.

9. Use the backstop switch indiscriminately

The use of the backstop switch is a university question. It should not be confused with the drag force. In the drag force and when the fish is fished, the proper use of the backstop switch can effectively catch the fish, but the wrong use will inevitably suffer.

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