How do anglers solve the phenomenon of fish chasing but not biting bait

Luya is a crazy and obsessive fishing technique that uses the realistic swimming posture of the artificial bait to lure the target fish into the bait. Many fishing friends discuss communication together, or novices often ask another question: Why do fish and chase the artificial lure to the shore without biting it? As soon as he turned around, he fled to the deep water area. How can the problem be solved?

Now I will summarize the reasons or experience in this area, and hope to help the majority of fishermen who have doubts in this regard. If you can solve any doubts, please share more likes so that more fishermen can see and learn, thank you !

My daily object of fish and water spirit-horse mouth. The main artificial bait used is sequins. I can see the horse mouth tail chasing the sequins but there is no clear bite. The horse mouth trailing artificial bait shows that the artificial bait has a lure effect on the horse mouth. If you are interested in bait, let's analyze the reason why there is no bite.

First of all, environmental factors have low oxygen content or large temperature difference, incorrect fishing timing, etc., which can reduce the fish’s attack and predation desire. Secondly, chasing after the fish shows that the fish is attracted to the bait, and not biting shows that the fish is wary of the bait. The reasons include insufficient irritation or excessive irritation, the solution is to change the operation method to replace the artificial bait of different colors and sizes, and change the intensity of the temptation according to the fishing ground environment and fish situation, that is, to enhance and weaken this stimulus. Allure.

in conclusion:

External environmental factors: low oxygen content in water, large temperature difference, incorrect fishing timing, breeding period (driving offenders, no desire to prey), etc.

Observe whether the swimming style of the sequins is lifelike, the swimming style is very important in lure

Replace the sequined fish hook with a smaller size (use a single hook as much as possible)

The fish was frightened, and the same fishing spot was used for multiple releases, and the mouth of the fish became lighter.

DIY can tie a little feather to the sequin single hook, which works well in actual combat.

Change the operation method or change another artificial lure for fishing

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