Sequins are the most commonly used artificial bait in lure fishing. It is mainly used by lure anglers to emit flashing light underwater to lure fish to attack. It is the most entertaining kind of lure gameplay. Artificial bait.

Types of sequins

1. Bevel sequins

The diagonally cut sequins are thin on the top and thick on the bottom, light in the front and heavy in the back, which is a typical center of gravity rear design. The diagonally-cut sequins show a swimming style in the water, which swings from side to side in an "S"-shaped line. This kind of sequins is the preferred long-range bait. The oblique surface is usually covered with a laser reflective film, and the tail hook is hung with a feather pendant or a red heart pendant, which can increase the swing in the water and enhance the softness and naturalness of the swimming style. The effect of attracting fish will be more prominent.

Many beveled sequins will be further improved in the design. The front end is designed to be curved. This kind of sequins will generate upward force when pulled flat in the water, so that the sequins can make slower movements in the water and extend the flying in the water. Time, and increase the probability of being spotted by the target fish. This kind of improved sequins is what everyone often calls super chamfers.

2. Spoon-shaped sequins

The traditional spoon-shaped sequins are like the small spoons we use for eating. According to legend, people invented this kind of artificial bait because they saw the spoons falling into the lake and being closely chased by carnivorous fishes. So the spoon-shaped sequins are considered the oldest. One of the artificial bait. The swimming style of the scoop-shaped sequins underwater is swinging, spinning, or tossing up and down. The action range of the spoon-shaped sequins is exaggerated than that of the diagonally cut sequins, and it is also more stimulating to the fish. This kind of artificial bait can achieve the effect of being intercepted when entering the water, which is what we call the cut.

The disadvantage is that the long-range projection performance is not as good as the diagonal cut sequins. In order to make up for this defect, the current spoon-shaped sequins also incorporate the design concept of beveled sequins, making a spoon with a lower center of gravity, and adding a reflective pattern at the bottom. This design actually increases the weight of the bottom of the sequins and makes its long-range projection performance more prominent. The most common spoon-shaped sequins are classic styles such as vipers and holographic cicadas.

3. Willow leaf sequins

The appearance of the sequins of willow leaves is like willow leaves and water snakes. There are two bends in the whole sequins, and the lines and curves are very beautiful. The swimming styles shown in the water are mainly rotating and swinging from side to side. Its characteristic is that it resembles a small bait fish running hurriedly in the water, and it has great temptation to the target fish. This kind of sequins has an excellent reflection angle and is a sharp weapon for lure mouth and bass. It can be said that ferocious fish will bite when they meet, so this kind of sequins can also be intercepted when they enter the water.

Due to the slightly larger volume of this sequin, the wind resistance is not small, so it is not conducive to long-range projection. The most prominent representative of this sequin is the leeches, and the leeches have also been designed with a heavier tail, which overcomes the problem of long-range projection to a certain extent.

4. Rotating sequins

The rotating sequin is a small combined sequin, with a hollow lead in the middle to balance the weight, and one or two lancets or drop-shaped ultra-thin sequins are used as the reflective light source. The swimming style of this kind of sequin underwater is the high-speed rotation of reflective sequins to attract the attention of the target fish. Due to its large wind resistance, it is not conducive to long-range projection.

5. Composite sequins

Composite sequins are also an upgraded version of rotating sequins. This kind of sequins has an anti-wrapping effect, which triggers fluctuations in water, and also produces light refraction and sound. These factors will all become conditions for attracting fish to bait. This kind of sequins is more suitable for lure perch or mandarin fish, and of course it can also be used to brighten water and black out.

The tail hooks of the composite sequins can be hung with curly tail maggots or T-tailed soft worms, and the rod manipulation action can effectively prevent the artificial bait from hanging on the bottom. This can greatly extend the staying time of the artificial bait in the water, and facilitate the angler to conduct a more detailed search.

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