Summer fishing

Summer fishing is fishing in this season of summer. Most fishing enthusiasts will go fishing in the hot summer season to relieve part of the pressure in life and work, and adjust the physical and mental state.

Summer Fishing Introduction

Summer is the hottest season of the year. During this period, the fish are in the growing period, and the requirements for food are increasing, so it is a good period for the fish to be active. Fishing in the summer can not only have good catches, but also appropriately reduce the pressure of life and work. It is a major recreational activity for fishing enthusiasts.

Summer is the season for the breeding of many fish species, and there is a large demand for food, so it is easier to get the bait. Anglers tend to go fishing in this season more easily. In summer, fishing is mainly for carp, grass carp, and white striped fish. During night fishing, you can even catch carnivorous species such as catfish and mandarin fish.

Summer fishing precautions

In midsummer, when the water temperature rises, the appetite of most fish species will decrease. Therefore, the catch rate of fishing is generally very small. If you want to catch a fish, you need to clarify the "water" and "fishness". The following introduces the "five no five fishing" method of summer fishing.

Do not fish for grass, fish for bright water

In summer, fishing near the grass is obviously not as good as fishing in bright water (light pond water), because the aquatic and abundant places have poor ventilation, slow heat dissipation, and the water temperature is higher than in the open bright water area. Summer is rainy and windy. In addition to rain, which can increase the oxygen in the water, the water moves with the wind and can also increase the oxygen in the water. At this time, the bright water area has sufficient oxygen and is the best place to choose a fishing spot.

Do not fish before the rain, fish after the rain

There are thunderstorms in summer. Before the thunderstorm, the clouds are thick and the air pressure is low. At this time, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is low. The fish in the water feel irritable and restless. They float on the surface and chew the water. On the contrary, living water is added to the water after the rain, and the oxygen is more abundant than before the thunderstorm, and the fish are active. After the rain, the "trip" must be rewarded.

Don't fish for cloudy days, fish for sunny days

The climate in summer is changeable. When it turns from cloudy to sunny, it will change from low pressure to high pressure. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water will increase. In addition to the movement of the air, the water is rippling with microwaves and the temperature drops. The fish appear to be very active. Good weather from cloudy to sunny.

No fishing, noon fishing morning and evening

At noon, the fish have been transferred from the shallows to the deep water area to enjoy the cool, so in the morning and evening, the fishing effect is better when the hooks are hooked in the open water area near the water grass, next to the stone cave, under the bamboo raft, beside the bridge pier, and the pier.

Do not fish at the bottom, fish in half water

In summer, except for fishing at the bottom in the morning and evening, most of the other time is not suitable for fishing at the bottom, but suitable for half-water fishing. When the fish encounters sweltering weather, they often appear as floating heads in the near water. At this time, you should remove 1/2 or 2/3 of the sinker on the fishing line, and use half water to entertain the fish (mainly crucian carp). Slowly move up and down or back and forth to lure the fish into the bait.

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