What to do if you can't see the float during night fishing

For night fishing, the light is very dim, and if you want to see the float signal, you must have special equipment. Now we mainly have three kinds of equipment for night fishing: luminous rod, electronic drift and luminous light. Let's talk about how to choose night fishing in detail below.

In terms of price, the luminous stick is the cheapest, followed by the electronic drift, and the luminous lamp has the highest price.

Although the price of the luminous stick is the lowest, not many people use it, because the luminous stick has great disadvantages. First of all, the luminous rod needs to be used on the float tail, its diameter will naturally be larger than the normal float. We all know that the larger the diameter of the float tail, the greater its buoyancy. When a fish bite hook drags the float down It needs more strength, so the float will not be sensitive. It is difficult to find the movement of the float when a light fish or a small fish bites the hook. Secondly, the luminous rod only has the top eye and cannot adjust the stroke. Compared with the fishing method single.

The luminous lamp is the most expensive, and its advantage is that you don’t need to replace the float, just use the float we are familiar with, which can guarantee the sensitivity. But this advantage is not important. If you use electronic drift, you will be familiar with it several times, but its disadvantages are many. First of all, the price is high. The cheapest one is fifty or sixty yuan, which is higher than the price of mid-to-upper-grade electronic floats. We basically use fishing rods of 5.4 meters or more when fishing in the wild. We must see clearly at this length. To float, you must use high-grade night fishing lights, and the price should be more than 300 yuan; secondly, the brightness of night lights is relatively poor, and the quality is uneven; third, the night lights are relatively bulky and inconvenient to carry for wild fishing ; Fourth, the night light can only illuminate a small area of ​​water in front of you. If the float goes outside the illuminated area, it will not be able to watch the float. Finally, if you use the night light for a long time, you need to stare at the float all the time. Eye damage is relatively serious.

In summary, it can be seen that luminous rods and night fishing lights have irreparable shortcomings, and these shortcomings, electronic drift can be perfectly solved. Electronic drift can be said to be the most cost-effective. Its only disadvantage is that it is less sensitive than ordinary floats, but this can be compensated by drift and fishing methods. So how to choose electronic drift?

When choosing electronic floats, I think we can start with the float parameters. For wild fishing, you can choose from five aspects: the weight of the float, the lead, the bright eyes, the diameter of the float and the degree of closure.

Self-weight refers to the weight of the float itself. Since the electronic float has one more battery than the ordinary float, its own weight will be larger than that of the ordinary float. When choosing an electronic float, we should choose the weight as small as possible. If the weight is too large, the float will run to the front of the hook when throwing the rod, which will greatly affect the fishing.

Eat lead, the so-called lead refers to the weight of the lead skin required when the float is suspended in the water and the tail is flush with the surface of the water. When we adjust the float, we need to adjust the weight of the lead sheet to balance the buoyancy of the float. The smaller the weight of the lead sheet, the more sensitive the float will be, and the less lead the float will eat. Of course, the float’s lead consumption is not as small as possible. It is based on the fish condition and water condition when the fish is fishing. When the fish bites the hook, the signal can be quickly and accurately reflected on the float. This float eats lead. Just the best.

Bright eyes refers to the small lattices that can be brightened by floating tails. There will be a black non-bright eye between these small grids. Generally, the electronic drift has five-eye bright, seven-eye bright, nine-eye bright, and full-eye bright. When fishing in the wild, I recommend choosing Quanliang. Because we often go fishing trips when fishing at night, that is, there are fish biting hooks in the process of descent after standing on the float. If your float is only bright on the top, it is difficult to find the float signal when there is a fish bite. Some fishermen say that the floats of Quanliang are too dazzling, and it becomes even more difficult to see after a long time. This is no longer a problem. Now businesses have water-free and cold-light floats. These two types of floats are soft and will not be dazzling after a long time.

The diameter of the float tail, as mentioned above, the diameter of the float tail will affect the sensitivity of the float. Therefore, when choosing an electronic float, we must try to choose a float with a small tail diameter.

The degree of sealing means that the sealing of the floating body joint is better. The battery of the electronic float is installed in the float, and the middle of the float can be opened. Therefore, the float must be well enclosed, or the float cannot be used if it enters the water.

Finally, I want to remind that the electronic drift has a non-luminous black eye between the two bright eyes. When we say that this electronic drift is the number of objects, it refers to the total number of meshes, and the black drift in the middle is also included. 

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