When sea fishing, how to pull the stream to catch the black catfish?

1. Equipped with proper fishing rig

The line pull fishing rig is very simple. A fishing line of tens of meters long. The end of the fishing line is bolted to a pair of pole-style balances made of stainless steel wire. Centimeters, so as not to entangle each other, even drop the balance under the balance, and the distance between the drop and the balance is about 15 cm.

The general requirements are: thick wire and heavy drop. The fishing line generally uses 1 mm diameter. If the line is too thin, it is easy to be strangled, and the line is easy to be messed up; the fall generally uses about 250 grams or heavier depending on the sea current speed and water depth). Control, and the bottom is too slow, the hand feel is also poor, generally use Changhai 301, because the black catfish's mouth is like freshwater silver carp, it is easy to catch the fish with a big hook, and it is also easy to eat.

2. Master the operation technique

The characteristic of the hand-drawn black cat is a jump search. When fishing, set the line until you feel the lead sinking to the bottom, and then lift it up 20-30 cm as a base point, and continue to slowly pull up and down, and it will rise immediately after landing, like a dragonfly, the boat moves along with the ocean current, and the fishing group naturally follows go ahead. Yuxun immediately brake the hook and take up the line. When encountering a reef, lift it up quickly to allow the fishing crew to pass smoothly

3. Choose a good bait

There are many types of bait for black catfish, such as: silkworm, small shrimp loach, and six-line fish fillet with skin, etc. Loach is mostly used as bait because of its low price and good effect.

4. Choose the trend

There needs to be a sea current to pull the stream, but the speed should not be too fast for the black catfish to swallow.

5. Hook to prevent pinching

When pulling the fishing line up and down with your hands, you must be attentive, and rely on the feeling of the hands when the lead falls to the ground to perceive the nature of the high and low terrain and the fastness of the ground, and adjust the height accordingly. If it is a sandy land, the general problem is not big. If it is a chaotic reef, you should be particularly vigilant to avoid pinching the hook.

6. Prevent chaotic lines

Every time you take up the wire, pay attention to putting the wire reel on the floor of the deck of the wire, and there should be no debris to prevent entanglement. After catching the fish, you should avoid the line on the ground, and don’t let the fish jump around on the line, otherwise it will be impossible to deal with.

7. Prevent being stabbed

The fin spines of the black catfish are strong and slightly poisonous. After the water comes out, the fin spines are angered and the pain is unbearable after being stabbed. Therefore, after fishing, it is best to wrap the whole body with a thick towel, pinch it tightly, and prevent it from struggling. Then unhook it again.

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